Low Commission Real Estate Agents in Piscataway, NJ

Have you recently decided to sell your home? If you have sold a home before, you are likely to know the expenses associated with doing so. If you have never sold a home before then you are about to find out. That is unless you make the decision to obtain the services of a low … Continued

Behind on Mortgage in Piscataway, NJ I Need Help

Because there have been so many mass layoffs, job losses, and decrease in hours and pay in the past year and a half, many people, especially Americans, are finding themselves struggling to make ends meet month to month. Many homeowners especially are finding that they are behind on mortgage payments or are in danger of … Continued

How Do You Get a Mortgage With Bad Credit Here in Edison, NJ

In a perfect world everyone would have a 720 credit score and a trouble free credit history. Unfortunately we live in reality and the truth is that many home owners have less then perfect credit scores. While bad credit can make refinancing a home loan difficult getting a mortgage with bad credit is actually easier … Continued