Question: What To Ask A Realtor When Buying A House?

Along with asking if your Realtor sees any problems, you should ask whether they would purchase the house. Your real estate agent knows which homes are a good buy — and which aren’t. If your Realtor wouldn’t buy the house, that’s a sign that it might not be a good investment. And, that you should rethink your purchase.

What questions should I ask the seller when buying a house?

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Home Seller Before Buying

  • Why are you moving?
  • What are the average expenses?
  • How are the local schools?
  • How much did you pay for the home?
  • Have there been any major repairs?
  • Were there any structural changes?
  • How long has the home been on the market?
  • What’s included in the home sale?

What questions should I ask a realtor when touring a house?

Questions to ask after the home tour:

  • Can I have a copy of the Seller’s Property Disclosure?
  • How many offers have been made, and when are offers due?
  • Has the seller provided an inspection?
  • What is the home’s repair and renovation history?
  • What did you like about the home?
  • Are any repairs currently needed?
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What questions should you ask when viewing a house?

What questions to ask when viewing a house

  • How long has the property been up for sale?
  • What’s the area like?
  • How many offers have they had?
  • What’s the parking situation?
  • Why is the seller moving?
  • How long have the owners lived there?
  • What are the neighbours like?
  • Are there any issues with the building?

How do you get a seller to accept a low offer?

How To Get A Seller To Accept Your Lower Offer

  1. Connect with a local Realtor.
  2. Learn the seller’s motivation.
  3. Make your offer attractive financially.
  4. Fine-tune your contingencies.
  5. Be prepared to negotiate.

What’s the best month to buy a home?

Therefore, the best month to buy a house is August. Generally speaking, buyers in the fall and winter will have fewer options yet more flexibility in price, and spring and summer buyers will have more options, but less negotiating power.

What should a first time home buyer look for?

Here’s our checklist of things to look out for when you are buying and viewing a property.

  • Is there damp?
  • Is the building structurally sound?
  • How much storage space is there?
  • Which way does the house face?
  • Are the rooms big enough for your needs?
  • Have you been fooled by staging?
  • Do the window frames have cracking paint?

How can I impress a house viewing?

11 secrets for successful property viewing

  1. Do not view it alone. The more pairs of eyes you have looking around a property the better.
  2. View outside and inside.
  3. Give yourself plenty of time.
  4. Leave emotion at the door.
  5. View in daylight.
  6. Book multiple viewings.
  7. Check for damp.
  8. Test the property.
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What to bring when looking at homes?

First Time Homebuyer? 6 Essentials to Take With You On a House Hunt

  1. A trusted friend.
  2. Your list of priorities and a checklist to run down.
  3. A notepad and pencil.
  4. A camera (or your phone)
  5. Comfortable, easy-to-slip off shoes.
  6. Furniture measurements and a tape measure.

What should you not say when buying a house?

Ross says there are three things you never need to disclose with your real estate agent:

  1. Your income. “Agents only need to know how much you are qualified to borrow.
  2. How much you have in the bank. “This is for your lender to know, not your real estate agent,” he adds.
  3. Your personal and professional relationships.

How should I act at a house viewing?

House viewing tips

  1. Drive by. First impressions shouldn’t be underestimated.
  2. Be prepared. Make a list of all the things that are important to you and any questions you want to ask before the house viewing.
  3. Take a friend. Never go to a viewing alone.
  4. Check the outside of the property.
  5. Be thorough.

How many times should you view a house before buying?

How many times to look at a house before buying? Ideally, four to six viewings should be sufficient. Attending two to three visits inside, with a realtor and/or appraiser, and another two to three visits scouting the house and neighborhood independently, from the outside, may be a good approach.

Can you offer 10 below asking price?

However, if you find out from the estate agent the sellers motivation is finding the highest offer, you may have to submit a less cheeky offer, only 5-10% below asking price, which the estate agent should advise the seller to consider, as this is actually the true value of the house.

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What is considered a lowball offer?

A lowball offer refers to an offer that is far less than the seller’s asking price or is deliberately too low, as a means of starting negotiations.

Can you offer less than asking price?

Offering slightly below asking price is pretty common — at least in a slow buyer’s market. If you’re the only person eyeing the property and the seller has had the home listed for a while, they’re probably flexible on price. They might be willing to accept less cash just to be done with it all.

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