What does “REO” stand for in East Brunswick, NJ?

As a property investor, I am often asked what does REO mean when buying real estate for sale? An acronym for ‘real estate owned’, REO refers to foreclosure property repossessed by mortgage lenders. When foreclosure real estate does not sell through public auction it returned to the lender, who in turn lists the property for … Continued

I Live in East Brunswick, NJ and Behind on Mortgage Payments Help

In these difficult economic times, even the most persevering of homeowners may find it difficult to keep up with their mortgage payments. With a faltering job market, increasing unemployment, and tightening restrictions on credit, mortgages are frequently falling into arrears. The growing number of home foreclosures has been in the forefront of recent news, and … Continued

How to Advertise a House on Sale in East Brunswick, NJ

Selling your home on the internet can save you thousands in commission costs, and is often faster than using a real estate agent. However, one of the key issues with advertising your property online is that your advertisement is often competing with a large number of other properties in the same general area. Consequently, your … Continued